An electric cigarette feels and looks similar to regular cigarettes. E- Cigarettes offer a real experience in smoking by making use of an atomizer to vaporized nicotine, and thus produce an odorless mist- identical to that of cigarettes smoke.

E- Cigarettes are no doubt, healthier than regular cigarettes. As a result, they are often used in several places including territories where regular cigarettes are not allowed. Several brands offer both refillable and disposable e- cigarettes. Some of the popular refillable brands include the Duo Pro e- cigarettes and Amerismoke.

The Amerismoke e- cigarettes
• The Amerismoke e- cigarettes are progressed as one of the finest e- cigarette in the market. These e- cigarettes have been manufactured in the United States with using an advanced technology and thus offer superior futures compared to most of the e- cigarettes, in terms of functionality, regulation and quality.

• The Amerismoke e- cigarettes feature an advanced two- piece design, which ensure that new cartomizers comes with a fresh atomizer. A brand new atomizer will ensure that the e- cigarette does not lose its performance with every use. In addition, the e- cigarette liquid used in the cartomizers are free from many contaminations which goes a long way in ensuring the most safest and best e- cigarettes.

• Amerismoke e- cigarettes offer a wide variety of flavors to satisfy the different customer tastes. These flavors include strawberry, apple, chocolate, coffee, vanilla, menthol and tobacco. Due to exceptional vapor producing capability of the device, smokers can expect to derive a powerful and flavorful puff. Users who choose to use the Amerismoke e- cigarette, they can purchase one of 2- starter kits.

• The original starter-kit offers the user manual, 5- cartridges, 1- short battery, 1- long battery, 1- USB charger, a home-outlet charger and 1- Amerismoke card. The micro starter-kit offers the instruction manual, 3- cartridges, 1- short battery, 1- long battery, 1- USB charger, a home-outlet charger, 1- carrying case and 1- Amerismoke card. The micro Amerismoke e- cigarette on the other hand, features a smaller size compared to the original product; it however resembles a regular cigarette.

The Duo Pro e- cigarette
The Duo Pro e- cigarette offers a variety of nicotine levels without having to face the danger of harmful tar and chemicals found in traditional cigarettes. The Duo Pro offers an opportunity to smokers who are seeking to overcome their smoking habits with a practical alternative. They provide the actual act of smoking and gradually reducing the levels of nicotine.
In addition, the Duo Pro e- cigarette features a two- piece design that offers more than 300-puffs for every one of the cartomizers used, which accounts to one full pack of regular cigarette. The Duo Pro e- cigarettes are available in a variety of flavors including chocolate, cherry, vanilla, coffee, Cuban cigar, menthol and tobacco. The products are odorless and extend no risks of fire, considering there are no flames.

Moreover, the Duo Pro e- cigarette offers many accessories, which include a charger pack, carrying case, pocket pouch and wall charger.

Electric Cigarette Brands | Top Five Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best

With the electronic cigarette industry flooded with so many competing online retailers and manufacturers, it is becoming harder for vapers to make up their minds when shopping. Which electronic cigarette brands are the best and which ones should you avoid? Unfortunately, there is no definite answer to this question. But as is the case with most products and services, conducting some research on the Internet can help you identify the brands that are associated with high quality e-cigs as well as those that are not.

But even so, finding a good electronic cigarette is easier said than done. If you were to conduct a quick search and purchase the first five random e-cigarettes that pop up, you are invariably going to get disappointed when the shipment is delivered to your door step. Electronic cigarettes from different brands vary in many aspects – quality being chief among them – even though they may share the same basic components. In many cases it is the quality of manufacturing that actually determines how good an e cigarette is.

Undoubtedly, people also have different tastes and vapers are not different from the rest so this may also be an important factor to take into consideration when choosing an electronic cigarette brand. Below are a few other factors that will help you choose a good e-cig brand.

1. Flavor

We all know that taste is an important factor when it comes to choosing any particular brand of traditional cigarettes and this is also certainly true for e-cigs. Taste and flavor are, after all, the most responsible for providing the vaper with a satisfactory experience. Brands know this and use it to distinguish themselves from the competition.

If you have read any number of cigarette reviews, then you are probably aware that one of the most commonly stated goals of manufacturer’s of e-cigs is to create a flavor that is as close to traditional tobacco cigarettes as possible. This is done with the huge chuck in the market that is looking for that one of a kind vaping experience in mind. Hitting the right balance between these 2 factors is vital to ensuring that any brand becomes the best.

As a vaper, you may have to experiment with a variety of favors before finding one that suits you. There are many varieties available on the market: menthol, tobacco, coffee and even fruit flavors, with varying nicotine concentrations.

2. Smoothness of the draw

Essentially, having a smooth draw accentuates the flavor as the taste easily reaches the palate and the tongue. A smooth draw offers a more relaxed throat hit that will prevent ecig users from coughing or experiencing other adverse body reactions. On of the critical factors that determine the smoothness of the draw is the type and quality of venting system used by the manufacturer. A good e-cig manufacturer balances the delivery system in such a way that the vapor enters the vaper’s mouth smoothly.

But this doesn’t mean that there is a fixed standard when it comes to the preferred smoothness of the draw; personal taste also plays a big part. There are vapers who like a stronger draw better, while other much prefer a lighter one.

3. Manufacturer’s reputation

That a product can only be as good as the maker may be cliché, but in the electronic cigarette market, the statement holds a lot of water. This is because there are a number of disreputable manufactures who are hell bent on cashing on the sudden popularity of electronic cigarettes. This makes it more important for vapers to carefully vet manufacturers before purchasing e-cigarettes and related products.

Of the many aspects of a manufacturer’s reputation to look out for, the key ones are the timely delivery of orders to the market and low factory defect rates to minimize or prevent after sales problem. For both new and continuing vapers, this represents a challenge to invest time in research. Fortunately, there are numerous websites and blogs offering unbiased reviews of different e-cig brands that you can use. Customer reviews and feedback from sites like Amazon can also be a great source of information to help you make an educated decision.

4. Battery quality and vapor volume

The rechargeable battery is what attracts most people to e-cigarettes. It’s therefore critical, especially if you are a new vaper, to familiarize yourself wit different types of batteries used in e-cigs. Battery life is a critical factor to consider when choosing an electronic cigarette. Ensure that the cigs, battery is powerful enough to get your through a full day of vaping with need for recharge (something like 300 puffs for the a-pack-a-day smokers).

But you shouldn’t settle for a cheap electronic cigarette that will easily fall apart battery life notwithstanding.

The volume of vapor produced can be great pointer to the power of an electronic cigarette. The concept of an electronic cigarette essentially depends on the available of vapor that produces realistic tasting smoke. When purchasing an e cig, look for one that produced roughly the smoke amount of vapor that would be produced by a conventional tobacco cigarette in a single draw. Vapor volume ha been linked with a tremendous positive psychological impact on smokers trying to quit conventional cigarettes by strengthening their resolve. Look for an electronic cigarette with a battery that produces just the right amount of vapor.

5. Customer service

One thing that an e-cig brand shouldn’t lack is a good customer service department. At all costs, avoid purchasing products from online shops and sales reps whose only interest is to make profit. You wouldn’t want to invest your cash in an electronic cigarettes kit, only to find that the battery does not work. Worse, you spend hours trying to reach an actual individual on the phone or through mail to help you in vain before realizing that you are stuck with a defective product that will not be replaced.

Look out for electronic cigarette brands whose companies offer live support system that can be used to contact them 24/7.

No doubt, these are the five most critical factors. However, one there are other factors that your can look at when shopping for a good electronic cigarette brand that suits your taste and personality.